Saturday, September 14, 2013

Holy Holla- Peno!

Hello my beauties!
The other day I was watching a video on youtube by beauty guru JulieG. As some of you may know she has her own nail polish line through Jesse Girl cosmetics. Julie was talking about her new nail polish colors for the spring and I instantly fell in love with one of the colors.
I have never tried one of Julie’s nail polishes before but I just want to let you beauties know that now that I have, I may never try any other nail polish brand again.
The color that I fell in love with was Holla-Peno. It is the most beautiful shade of green that I have seen. It reminds me of a warm spring day looking at all the different flowers in my garden, or being at the beach soaking in the sun.
The consistency of the nail polish is wonderful, it goes on smoothly and the shine is incredible. To get the full effect of the color you need two coats, but if you went a lighter and more sheen color green, one coat would do just fine.
I also picked up another color from Julie’s collection and it’s the color Umbrella Drink. I would describe it as a shimmery orange creamsicle and it is beautiful.
I would advise all of you to go pick up some of the JulieG nail polishes from your local Rite – Aid. (It’s only available at that drugstore.) Or go onto JesseGirlcosmetics and order some of the colors for yourself.
You will not be disappointed.
Shine bright beauties!

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