Saturday, February 15, 2014

My super sweet Valentine's Day

Hello my beauties! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day - I know I did! Not only did I have one sweetheart to spend the day with...I had eight!
I would like to introduce you to the best Valentines a girl could ever ask for...
My wonderful and beautiful class - yes I am a toddler teacher and holidays are even more magical and special when they are spent with children.
I spent the day oohing and awwing over how cute my children looked in their red and pink outfits, handing out and receiving Valentine's Day cards, reading Twas the Night Before Valentine's Day and Aurthur V-day books as well. For our party we ate pretzels, pudding, jello, lots of cookies, and a delicious fruit salad. We even fed our classroom fish, Linus, some fish food at the party. We sang loudly to the Annie soundtrack. (Yes, the broadway Annie soundtrack...the older kids in the class know the words to Tomorrow.) We did the cha cha slide, and then did a little encore to Wheels on the Bus and the Hokey Pokey.
The parents in my class gave me flowers, some chocolate, and lots and lots of Valentine Day cards that I have hanging on a string in my classroom.

 When it was time for me to go home I gave them all a kiss goodbye and came home, ate my box of chocolate, put my flowers in my bedroom and watched the Valentine's Day episode of Charlie Brown. I had an amazing day - my significant others were the children in my class and everyone who loves me. You do not need to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend to have a great day - how overrated (just kidding). Tell me beauties - what did you do for Valentine's Day?!

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